August Recap!

Ah, the slow decline of summer!

Episode Five: Stormrider, wrapped up a couple weeks ago. The episode was about starting new ventures and clean slates and about halfway through I realized it was the actual beginning of Season Two. The entire Hub Arc, in retrospect, read like a conclusion to plotlines in Season One. I think when everything is said and done, there will be some reorganization of what episodes are part of which season/arc/partXofY.

A new Guidebook entry, Ghosts, haunted the week between episodes. This was the most spontaneous guidebook entry thus far, a test in going from concept to draft to published in a single day. I want Guidebook entries to be fairly light and quick, so the test was successful this time around.

Episode Six: Fragments is currently being pieced together and its second chapter went up this week. Nem chapters are always a bit of a grind and she’s the toughest member of the cast to get right. Her future full episode will be a monster of a task, I can already feel it.

I’ll be on vacation for about two weeks starting next week. Chapter three of Fragments should (oh, I shouldn’t say this) be out as usual next Wednesday, September 6th, but there will be a gap the following week on the 13th. A Guidebook fill-in will likely slot in on the 20th.

In other news, I’ve been experimenting with a trio of side projects, all proto-novels, whenever I needed a palette cleanser. I’ve been trying to commit to one of the three and the choice just became easier. While randomly browsing Amazon the other day, I came across The Witch Who Came in From the Cold and it’s so similar to what I was working on that it effectively snuffed out my project in a dark, icy back alley. At least I have the consolation prize of knowing the concept was good enough.

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Ian Tregillis
Hi there. Hope you’ll forgive a totally random drive-by comment from one of the ColdWitch writers. You mentioned seeing it on Amazon the other day and subsequently shelving your own project. I can’t comment on the particular similarities, obviously, since I’m not familiar with your project — you’re the only qualified arbiter there — but if that reaction is inspired just from the basic description of The Witch Who Came in From the Cold, I’d urge you not to “pre-reject” your work based on an apparent similarity of premise. If you gave 5 writers exactly the same premise, you’d get… Read more »