Episode Fifteen: Huntress, is complete with a short epilogue posted today. This one took a while, spanning a month on both sides of my holiday hiatus, but it deserved the extra time. It’s an important episode personally, driven by many of the underlying themes and originating reasons I had for starting this whole mad project in the first place. It’s also the penultimate turning point of the entire Skies Unbroken story, with the rest of the episodes accelerating to the ending.

Episode Sixteen is titled Derelict. Originally planned for last October, the early draft was glitchy and unsatisfying so I ice-boxed it and moved on to Huntress, then hit a mix of holidays and burnout and went on break. I’ve since defrosted it and figured out a way forward, cutting it down to a shorter flavor episode similar to Dust or the shorts making up Rest Days. It’ll be a two or three week cycle and features Silja and Wilcox.