Putting in for Repairs

Skies Unbroken will be going on a (customary?) end-year hiatus starting, oh, two weeks ago. My recent efforts have all be glitchy and disjointed, and I need a thorough reset, similar to what I did last year at the end of Season One. Routine maintenance, mostly involving updating world documents and staring at outlines that never survive contact with first drafts. As before, the gap will be patched with updates and whatever guidebook entries float to the top of the pile. Further, next week is the two-year anniversary of this whole mad project and I have a couple review and retrospective posts planned out. I’ll go in depth on the series so far in those.

In the meantime, I’m working on a palette cleanser of a writing project, conveniently coinciding with NaNoWriMo. This also makes sure I have another meter to fill which is already hilariously behind par. It’s the magi-tech infused spy novel I’ve mentioned before, though with a different spin on it from previous iterations.

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