Skies Unbroken in 2018

Happy New Year! We’re back at the controls and here’s the score for Skies Unbroken in 2018.


At least, completion of the originally planned story. I started out thinking I could get this project done in three years and, despite a rough middle year of the process, that goal is somehow still achievable. There are currently nine episodes remaining in outlined/sketched form, though there are a couple points where a potential side job could slide in if inspiration or necessity strikes.

Structurally, I’m doing away with the Season and story arc frameworks from the last two years. The story and workflow were constantly rebelling against being put into buckets sized between “The whole damn thing” and “Episode ___”. This realization struck home when I compiled the first thirteen episodes into simple printed versions as Christmas gifts for a handful of family members. If anything, Skies Unbroken has two halves, Part One being pre-Ferron Expanse (everything through New Stakes), and Part Two being Ferron and what lies within.

Here’s a picture of a few of those gift copies. They’re nothing special (quick Print-on-Demands) but drove home the reality of how much work this series has been thus far. Its easy to lose sight of the volume of words when they reside purely in and webpages. A much-needed sense of perspective when I was feeling worn-out late last year.

Skies Unbroken chapter updates resume on January 24th.

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