Money Matters

Ah, the grand unifying hustle. Currency is a mess out here, truth be told. Your old Imperial Sails are still good, if depreciated. There’s enough gold and what-have-you mixed in them to be worthwhile regardless of what’s stamped on the face. The older ones with twelve corners are better than the later eights. Higher content quality, you know. It should be noted that some folk might take offense to being paid in pure Orventian coin. See it as an insult, owing to those lingering loyalties running through the frontier’s veins. Always hard to tell which side anyone fell, so it’s best to use a mix of coinage if you can.

The new Hub Discs are rapidly becoming the default. Some might consider them yet another affectation of control from our wanna-be capital, but they’re well-backed and stable. So folk use them, even out in Gloria or the Triplets where patience for Hub’s weight-throwing runs thin. I suppose that’s one way to slowly lay claim, get ‘em using your coin, then your goods, then your laws. Wear them down with convenience. Discs are like their name implies, round with holes in the middle, making them easy to string along. Most notable is the weight: Discs are an avorium alloy, the same stuff as airship hulls and all our fanciful rigging and floating moorings. The coins have a slight lift when in mid-air. Not enough to float away, just a kinda feather-fall descent. Makes it easy to gauge quality with a short drop to the countertop.

You’ll see paper notes out of Durro and Altani and the rest of Osspor, but they’re not popular. People prefer something solid, a weighty reassurance that extends beyond whoever’s face is plastered on the money. Paper money is a promise from someone you’ll never meet and such promises are easily modified without recourse. Especially when it comes to the Core nations, be they former Coalition or Imperial successors. Paper and politics and bankers are worth varying levels of trust and not much at that. Combine the three and you’ll understand why folk around here are hesitant to accept your greenbacks. People trust gold and steel and silver and avorium most of all. Solid, real things in no need of translation.

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