Skies Unbroken is a labor of love. The core content is freely given on this website once a week (or more).

The best way to support the project is to keep reading and tell your friends. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool and completely out of the hands of small and medium level creators. A single recommendation to your friends and community members is worth more than any marketing tactic a one-man operation could ever execute.

Here are a few specific ways to spread the word.

Web Fiction Guide

Web Fiction Guide is a vast trove of web-based serial stories, from the titans of the form to the smallest gems. Skies Unbroken has a listing, where you can review and recommend it!

Over at Top Web Fiction, a sister site to Web Fiction Guide, you can vote for your favorite series and see it rise in the rankings. A vote for Skies Unbroken is a vote for adventure!

Buy the Season One ebook

Season One is now available on Kindle for $1.99. This version is no different from the free ebook versions available on this website, but exists as a support option if you’re feeling generous. Why read something for free when you can pay for it!?

The Back Catalog

Valkwitch, my first novel, is a heroic fantasy tale and available for $2.99 from multiple ebook retailers. More details and an extended excerpt are available on this very website!

Waterlogged is a novella sequel to Valkwitch and also has a well-appointed info page! Available on Amazon for a cool $0.99!

Ah, the ubiquitous Paypal ‘donate’ button. Think of it as a tip jar on the counter, festively decorated for whatever season it may be. If you fancy donating a couple dollars, I would welcome the pat on the back and encouragement to keep the lights on around here.

Future Options
Compilation commercial ebooks

Skies Unbroken will be three seasons, which makes it an easy division for compilation into ebooks. These will be cleaned up versions for the Kindle/Nook type marketplaces for those who prefer a more convenient package. This wave of editing will be applied to the free website versions.


I find Patreon fascinating. It’s a way to scale up a creative project in a structured way, a means of consolidating the disparate bonuses and contributions into a single portal and system. A more structured patronage system will likely take flight once the story’s more established.