Skies Unbroken in 2018

Happy New Year! We’re back at the controls and here’s the score for Skies Unbroken in 2018.


At least, completion of the originally planned story. I started out thinking I could get this project done in three years and, despite a rough middle year of the process, that goal is somehow still achievable. There are currently nine episodes remaining in outlined/sketched form, though there are a couple points where a potential side job could slide in if inspiration or necessity strikes.

Structurally, I’m doing away with the Season and story arc frameworks from the last two years. The story and workflow were constantly rebelling against being put into buckets sized between “The whole damn thing” and “Episode ___”. This realization struck home when I compiled the first thirteen episodes into simple printed versions as Christmas gifts for a handful of family members. If anything, Skies Unbroken has two halves, Part One being pre-Ferron Expanse (everything through New Stakes), and Part Two being Ferron and what lies within.

Here’s a picture of a few of those gift copies. They’re nothing special (quick Print-on-Demands) but drove home the reality of how much work this series has been thus far. Its easy to lose sight of the volume of words when they reside purely in and webpages. A much-needed sense of perspective when I was feeling worn-out late last year.

Skies Unbroken chapter updates resume on January 24th.

Two Years

Skies Unbroken is now two years old. Officially, anyway. In some respects, it’s somewhere around six or seven, but those versions don’t really count beyond a few pieces of legacy hardware in the engine room. I kept trying to write a larger post for the anniversary this morning and they kept diving into excessively maudlin and downbeat tones.

Not now.

Happy Birthday, kid. Take a breather. We got a long way further to fly.

Putting in for Repairs

Skies Unbroken will be going on a (customary?) end-year hiatus starting, oh, two weeks ago. My recent efforts have all be glitchy and disjointed, and I need a thorough reset, similar to what I did last year at the end of Season One. Routine maintenance, mostly involving updating world documents and staring at outlines that never survive contact with first drafts. As before, the gap will be patched with updates and whatever guidebook entries float to the top of the pile. Further, next week is the two-year anniversary of this whole mad project and I have a couple review and retrospective posts planned out. I’ll go in depth on the series so far in those.

In the meantime, I’m working on a palette cleanser of a writing project, conveniently coinciding with NaNoWriMo. This also makes sure I have another meter to fill which is already hilariously behind par. It’s the magi-tech infused spy novel I’ve mentioned before, though with a different spin on it from previous iterations.

The Spookiest Update

Gather ’round, friends, and warm yourselves by this heating unit that we really ought to replace next time we’re in port. Now, you may have heard about an episode of Skies Unbroken called Derelict. It was much like its kin, another quick yarn staring the same ol’ crew. But this story never made it to the light of day. Though it was nearly 60% complete and ready to debut last week, a dark presence arose around the episode, tricking the tale and leading it astray into a realm of ghosts and unfinished side projects. Derelict disappeared, with only a fragmentary note stating “Issues with thematic execution” as a hint as to its fate.
Maybe it’ll return through the mists to us one day, perhaps changed into something new.

In the meantime, Episode Seven: Huntress has begun with a short prologue! This is Chantil’s solo episode, and I’m happy to finally get going on it. I’m sure everything will go as planned for her in this adventure.


August Recap!

Ah, the slow decline of summer!

Episode Five: Stormrider, wrapped up a couple weeks ago. The episode was about starting new ventures and clean slates and about halfway through I realized it was the actual beginning of Season Two. The entire Hub Arc, in retrospect, read like a conclusion to plotlines in Season One. I think when everything is said and done, there will be some reorganization of what episodes are part of which season/arc/partXofY.

A new Guidebook entry, Ghosts, haunted the week between episodes. This was the most spontaneous guidebook entry thus far, a test in going from concept to draft to published in a single day. I want Guidebook entries to be fairly light and quick, so the test was successful this time around.

Episode Six: Fragments is currently being pieced together and its second chapter went up this week. Nem chapters are always a bit of a grind and she’s the toughest member of the cast to get right. Her future full episode will be a monster of a task, I can already feel it.

I’ll be on vacation for about two weeks starting next week. Chapter three of Fragments should (oh, I shouldn’t say this) be out as usual next Wednesday, September 6th, but there will be a gap the following week on the 13th. A Guidebook fill-in will likely slot in on the 20th.

In other news, I’ve been experimenting with a trio of side projects, all proto-novels, whenever I needed a palette cleanser. I’ve been trying to commit to one of the three and the choice just became easier. While randomly browsing Amazon the other day, I came across The Witch Who Came in From the Cold and it’s so similar to what I was working on that it effectively snuffed out my project in a dark, icy back alley. At least I have the consolation prize of knowing the concept was good enough.