The Spookiest Update

Gather ’round, friends, and warm yourselves by this heating unit that we really ought to replace next time we’re in port. Now, you may have heard about an episode of Skies Unbroken called Derelict. It was much like its kin, another quick yarn staring the same ol’ crew. But this story never made it to the light of day. Though it was nearly 60% complete and ready to debut last week, a dark presence arose around the episode, tricking the tale and leading it astray into a realm of ghosts and unfinished side projects. Derelict disappeared, with only a fragmentary note stating “Issues with thematic execution” as a hint as to its fate.
Maybe it’ll return through the mists to us one day, perhaps changed into something new.

In the meantime, Episode Seven: Huntress has begun with a short prologue! This is Chantil’s solo episode, and I’m happy to finally get going on it. I’m sure everything will go as planned for her in this adventure.


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