“I want to hear your version of the beginning, oh master bard. Let’s hear about the time before the titles and plane-shifting. When I was just…me.”

Life and Death. Fire and Water. Light and Shadow. Air and Earth.

Together, the eight elemental forces were used in the creation of the world. Now, separately, they seek to unmake it. To do that they need agents to carry out their designs. Thus the Elements offer a pact to anyone willing to listen and the terms are simple: power for service.

Those who accept have become heroes and villains, men and women of legend. History and myth are littered with tales of their deeds, while the face of the world is scarred by their successes and failures in equal measure.

For Tyrissa, such stories reside solely in within the pages of a book. While she feels the call of a more adventurous life, she reins in the urge and settles for ownership of the immense evergreen forests of her homeland. As much as she may dream of greater things it seems she wasn’t meant for a life beyond her current reach.

But such stories have a certain way of unfolding, and Tyrissa will find herself drawn into the long-simmering elemental conflict in a way she never quite imagined.

Valkwitch is the beginning of an epic fantasy saga that stretches across a fracturing world and into realms beyond.

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